About us

We live in a time where there is too much data and not enough content. There’s too much noise and not enough understanding. As a result, The Manhattan Herald takes listeners on an honest journey through culture, politics, food, health, legislation, business, science, and everything else that counts. You can find our work on email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Our objective at The Manhattan Herald is to deliver an unbiased, unfiltered, fact-based piece of information that empowers instead of disillusions. We are unapologetically unbiased, believing that all points of view are important, and we consciously resist the urge to use outrage, bias, or sensational to entice clicks or views. We offer our audiences the materials they need to make their own decisions—or even change their minds—by being loyal to facts while giving voice to a variety of viewpoints. Our journalists cultivate clarity, empathy, and integrity by concentrating on ideas, solutions, and facts.

Every day, we strive to bring the highest-quality journalism to our readers in order to enlighten and entertain them. We are dedicated to reporting the news accurately, fairly, and forcefully, and we will always hold those in positions of power accountable. We are a proudly conservative news blog on the Centre-right.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with good writers in our efforts to make it easier for readers of all ages and from all over the world to learn more about what we’re doing what we value.

We feel that our credibility as a news company is our most significant asset; thus, we must always produce high-quality journalism. The Manhattan Herald is dedicated to accurately reflecting every one of the millions of readers who consume our content on a daily basis, regardless of race or creed. This is accomplished through featuring a diverse group of panellists as well as first opinion writers.

News stories are found, verified, and developed by our journalists, and we expect them to be truthful. They should always endeavour to corroborate assertions and double-check facts to achieve this. All facts should be sourced with confidence, according to the Manhattan Herald principle. We also use reliable news wires that follow the same vetting criteria.

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